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We provide solutions

The value chain

Grupo Gallego Sánchez works to optimise and re-create our value chain. In other words, if the classic “value chain” means maximising the creation of value, minimising costs, what we are looking for today is the “value proposition” in which we design and develop our offers to meet our customers’ demand in the most optimal way possible. Without this being detrimental to the quality of either the product or the service.


Grupo Gallego Sánchez, not only looks for the profitability of the moment, but we are also committed to the sustainability of our client portfolio. Offering the most appropriate relationship between quality, design, service and price.


Grupo Gallego Sánchez is clearly committed to the environment. We are convinced that it is essential to maintain and improve our environment and our planet. For which we follow a rigorous supply plan with our suppliers, as well as waste management.

This is why we invite our clients to think that we only have one planet, with limited resources, which we and our children must enjoy.

Innovation and tradition

We are part of a company that was founded in 1970. During these five decades, we have been adapting and adjusting to the needs of the market. Adaptation and innovation have become our motto, but always maintaining the quality and honesty learned from our predecessors.

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